About Wealth In Hand and its Founder

Wealth In Hand is a business built upon years of hearing the same question from family and friends - "Magda, can you help me with my money?"


Drawn to the world of Finance since the early age of 12, my very first class presentation: 'How the Stock Market Works,’ sparked my passion for investments. I've built a career over the past decade working for financial giants like BlackRock and Fisher Investments as a financial adviser and Director of Implementation. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I've had the pleasure of working side-by-side with various professionals as they grow their wealth. In that time, I have observed many who lack the simple knowledge they need to get their retirement started on the right foot.


Regardless of age, salary, education level, or career path; everyone seems to need guidance. The Wealth In Hand business journey began with a friend working as a high school Spanish teacher. She came to me after working for one year and said, "I have this packet of papers for retirement. I haven't done anything with it. Should I?"


Why wasn't she saving as much money as possible through her retirement plans? It's so easy! I spent an afternoon with her, educating her on the options AND putting them into action (a critical step overlooked by individuals and  financial education companies alike). She said, "You know, so many other professionals could benefit from this session." And with that, Wealth In Hand was born.

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This website contains a sample list of Wealth In Hand’s clients as of December 2018. It is not known whether the clients listed here approve or disapprove of Human Interest or the investment advisory products or services provided by its subsidiary. 

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