Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wealth In Hand different than other finance classes we've had?

Wealth In Hand makes a difference in three ways: 

  1. We aren't here to sell you anything. 

  2. We offer more than just retirement classes

  3. We aren't just 'in finance'. We are passionate about teaching which makes the workshops engaging and even fun :)

How do I know what our employees want to learn about?

If you are like most who just aren't sure what your employees stress about when it comes to finance, we work with you to create a survey that engages your employees. Let them tell you what would be the most effective classes. 

We also have our standard suite of classes that have the broadest reach. Starting with these will help increase participation and overall satisfaction among your employees.

We will build the learnings around these topics so everyone benefits. 

Will our employees have to sit through a sales-pitch?

Absolutely not. It's what we pride ourselves on. We've got nothing to sell them...other than knowledge. 

How can we make sure Wealth In Hand is right for us?

We can work with your key stakeholders and a few employees to do a pilot workshop at the office. If you're interested in doing this first, just ask us!

How does Wealth In Hand charge? 

We charge based on the type of program you need. Our contracts are typically annual, however, we offer a Mix and Match package that has shorter terms. 

The 1:1 finance coaching sessions have a flat rate fee that is discussed with each client before they make any commitments.