Financial Wellness Programs

As the provider of income, employers have the best opportunity to alleviate stress caused by finance for their employees

25% of employees say financial wellness with unbiased counselors is the most desired benefit they don't already have access to Source: Employee financial Wellness Survey, PwC, 2018

What We Do


Financial Wellness Workshops

The first thing missing from most financial wellness programs is a lack of quality onsite workshops. Financial education companies and advisors will say they aren’t scalable and are too expensive. BUT THEY ARE IMPORTANT. The only way to get your employees using the year round financial wellness benefits you offer is to make sure someone engaging shows up in person and helps them understand their finances.

1:1 Financial Coaching

Not everything can be handled by a workshop. Many employees want to discuss their personal situations with an unbiased professional to go over questions in detail. Our 1-1 coaching sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the employee’s needs.


CFP® Plug in

Your dreams come true: a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who plugs directly into your internal teams via Slack or email. We make ourselves available for designated “office hours” and allow your employees to go straight to us with their questions.

Content Library

We create and curate videos, articles and documents that help answer questions 24/7. Much of the content is created by Wealth In Hand and it just keeps growing. This allows your employees to have relevant information pushed directly to their library throughout the year. 

Our Packages

The "Goal Hitter"

This is the one-stop shop to your goal of building out the best financial wellness program for your team. This package includes the most amount of engagement for employees who need financial help.  For the Goal Hitter we include 4 in-person workshops, 40 hours of one-on-one sessions, plug in office hours twice a month, and full access to our content library. 

The "Well Rounded"

For those that want to sprinkle just enough financial wellness for their employees to start, this is your best package. We trim down the offerings but still give you what you need to succeed. This package includes 2 in-person workshops, 20 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions, plug in office hours twice a month, and full access to our content library.

The "Mix and Match"

If you need some of these services to supplement a financial wellness program you already have we can work out a program that works for you and your team.

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