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We believe in education. The best way to learn is in-person and with topics specific to you, however, we've created these videos to help you learn a bit about our teaching style. Oh, and to learn about finance...

Millennial Money Playbook

5 videos

Adulting. It can be hard. Watch these videos to get a leg up.


-Credit Score

-Student Loans

-Buying Your First Home


-Negotiating Your Salary



5 videos

Get answers to your biggest trade-offs.  You'll learn what the pros and cons are to these decisions.


-FSA vs. HSA

-Company Rt Plan vs. IRA 

-Renting vs. Buying 

-Leasing vs. Buying

-Roth vs. Traditional



3 videos

From stocks to bonds to mutual funds these videos introduce you to the scary world of investing

- How the Stock Market Works

- Mutual Funds & ETFs

- Bonds, Cash, & CDs

Market History


2 videos

This series goes through how the market has performed in the past and those nasty 10% moves you can see over short periods

-Market History

- Corrections

Client Requested

2 videos

It's time to get tips from all of you. This series includes questions you've asked about!


-Financially Literate Aggressive Savers 

-Borrowing Against Your 401(k)